Why you should avoid eating junk

Carbs are delicious and donate calories. When these high energy and extremely harmful foods come in the form of delicious junk food, then why not. High in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, these foods can taste absolutely delicious, but they are very harmful for the body.

In this context, it would be necessary to point out a few reasons as to why junk food is detrimentalto the body.

Carcinogenic bombs

One of the most dangerous properties of junk, processed food is the high possibility of incurring cancer over time. Cancer is the killer of the 21st century and it largely depends on lifestyle and food habits. Nitrates and various preservatives which are present in junk food are a reason as to why they are so carcinogenic.  Nitrates are abundantly present in foodstuff like cold cut meats, packaged wafers, chips, oil containing snake, etc. This is to ensure that there is no possibility of bacterial overgrowth in the food.  You can avoid junk food by getting nutrition deals at Dealvoucherz.com

Cholesterol enhancers

Heart diseases are no more uncommon in youngsters. There are several reports of very young individuals who report to hospitals with either chest pain, heartburn or any other cardiac diseases. The reason behind all this- food and lifestyle again. The elevated levels of LDL cholesterol present in junk food make the heart more susceptible to diseases in which blocked arteries is very common.

The bloat myth

Obesity is the direct repercussion of ingesting too much of junk food. Obesity is another silent killer which, with time, has the capability to disrupt every otherwise functioning system of the body. Bloating is the initial step which one should take clue from, to start avoiding too much junk. Bloating is primarily caused by high water retention in the body, which is in turn caused by high sodium intake. Sodium being another preservative, is another unavoidable part of junk food worldwide.

Low-quality cheap thrills

We all love junk food. From pizzas to burgers to French Fries and every other processed food, junk foods taste delicious. But have you ever thought of the fact as to why we take so much junk? One reason is to not burn a hole in our pocket every time we feel like eating something good. Junk is cheap and fast. People don’t have a lot of time and money to go about eating fancy Chinese from a Michelin starred restaurant, they would rather bring pizzas to quench their hunger. To think about it that way, junk food is cheap and anything which comes at such low prices, definitely does not stand up to the quality we would expect. It may be stirring all your taste buds, but your body does not need it.

Spare the kidney!

The kidneys are very susceptible like our heart, to damage. With the high levels of consumption of alcohol paired with junk food, only your body would know what you’re doing to it. Blood pressure is highly elevated, in turn disrupting kidney function.


Junk food causes depression. Believe it or not, in the long run, it does. According to various surveys, teenagers who are more dependent on junk food than any other age group, are more prone to depression than teenagers who have a healthy lifestyle and food habits.

Brain dead.

Avoid that processed meat, avoid that greasy fries from your favourite eatery. Why you may ask. Immunity, memory and many important functions of the body get affected. Again, according to famous surveys, ingestion of junk on a daily basis affects the memory highly, again owing to the chemicals which are added to it in bulk.


Common diseases like flu, fevers, typhoid etc are caused due to unhygienic food and fluid consumption. Make sure you always have a check on what you put in your mouth. Being reckless once in a while is acceptable, but not on a daily basis. Your overall health is more important than one evening of pizza. Save yourself while there still time.