Why are they crime rate climbing in the US?

In today’s world, where we just can’t predict what will happen next, one thing that has not changed and we are still fighting against it is a crime. No one does a crime with purpose. It either Is because of mental imbalance or the sit6ation that makes a person do it. So how can one deal with it and how we as a society can stop it? This is something we still don’t have an answer. But yes, if we understand why crime rates are rising, then maybe we can fight against it in a better way. Let us understand the reason on why as compared to other counties, US is the leading one amongst the crime rates.

Know the Crime that is taking place:

Crime is not something that comes with a specific definition. Rather, different society has defined it in different ways. If you define it in a generalized manner, then simply we can say that crime is a breach of the rules and regulations or even the always which are set down the legal authority of the land where we are staying. Talking about the United States of America, the government is constantly endeavoring the policies to organize the country fall down the crime rate in a better way so that it becomes a safe place to live in.

The fight against the crime rate or the criminal activities is not just an individual act too but of the entire society to make sure that our future generation gets a peaceful place to live.

Unfair rulings make many a victim:

Often times, incorrect rulings from the court make the people enter the world of crime. In uses, it has happened to a lot of people they become a victim of the situations and fell into the crime because they thought that verdict from the court wasn’t actually that fair. The team taking care of Houston’s best crime scene cleanup  states that people who end up in jail because of the wrong verdict plans to either take action to change the thinking of the society or wants to come out for the revenge against the society


Drugs addiction is something we can’t realize once we become the victim of it. A person who is addicted to the drugs may not be able to control it and to get it even when running out of money, indulge in different crime scenes which make him a criminal eventually. There is so many blood clean up facts that there are so many criminals in Jail who are charged for murdering people just to get money so that they can buy their source of addition which we also call as Drugs.

Mental disorder:

In the US, the stressful lifestyle has become a key to many mental disorders like depression and anger.  The grave mental disorders often if not treated on time leads to the person to commit a crime. Such persons are advised to be taken to mental hospital for the treatment rather that’s sending them to jail since they don’t have anything in their control.

Other than this poor situation, family condition and racism are few things that play a crucial role in the increase of crime rate in the US.