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Online gaming in Thailand

People play online gaming either through the internet or computer network in Thailand. These games are ubiquitous on new gaming platforms, such as PCs, Online games span many genres. This includes first-person shooters and strategy games. The basic design of online games can vary. It would be from simple text-based environments. Components of an online game like Judi online can range. It from being minor features, such as an online leader board, In addition being part of core gun play. Social games integrate the players existing real-life communities. While other online games create their own online communities.

Online gaming culture of Thailand faces criticism for an environment .This might encourage cyber bullying,. Some socialist is also concerned about gaming addiction or social stigma. These games allure players from a variety of ages. Scientific field studies the content of online games to research gamers’ behaviour . Along the social phenomena of everyday life. Some people argue that since online game players are stranger to each other . They have limited communication. So, that is why the individual player’s experience in these games. It is not diffident from playing with artificial intelligence players. Online games of Thailand require special servers in order to function,

Following are some types of online Gaming culture available in Thailand:
• First person shooter game (FPS)
In 1990, online games move from an enormous variety of LAN protocols. It would be such as IPX and onto the internet using TCP/IP protocol. Multiple players fight with each other head to head. This concept is a new form of online game. After that first-person shooter games become more popular
• Real-Time strategy game (RTS)
Earlier this game often allowed multiplayer play over a local network or modem. During 1990, as the internet started to grow. The software was developed that allows players to play through LAN protocols. Many RTS games had internet support in 1990. It allowed players from all over the world to play with each other.
• Multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA)
This is strategy video game referred to as multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA); it gained popularity in the 2010s as electronic sports.
• Massively multiplayer online game (MMO)
Massively multiplayer online games introduced with the growth of broadband internet access. . Using the internet these games allowed hundreds of players to play the same game together.
• Console gaming
The console only used a feature called system link. Here players can connect two consoles. It would be using multiple consoles through a router or an Ethernet cable.
• Browser Games
When World Wide Web developed and browsers became more sophisticated. It would that people started creating browser games that use a browser as client. The server works as a host on the internet. Single players can play using a web browser via HTML. Along with other scripting technology such as JavaScript, ASP, PHP, and MySQL.

These are text based a group of multi user real time virtual worlds. History of MUD is extending back to creation of MUD.